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Most embarrassing date
All names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty!

The Incredible Shrinking, Aging Man

This was a blind date...

The guy said he had dark thick hair & beard, was 6'1", and 45 yrs old.. 

Met after work... and what was he? 5'8", salt 'n pepper yucky hair... a stubby salt 'n pepper beard, and was obviously almost 60 yrs old!

I asked him how did he manage to age 15 years and shrink 5 inches from the time we talked to the time we met?  I left...

"I No Longer Date People Who Have Only One Picture Posted!"

Excerpt of another Date from Hell:

I had been dating off the internet for about a year and nothing was working out. I decided to give it one more shot. I started talking to guy who just seemed perfect! He had a good job, lived in the city, had a good head on his shoulders and was looking for a serious relationship. His picture was so cute.
So we agreed to meet up on South Street.

I start walking down the street when a guy with a rose stops me. I didn't even recognize him. He looked nothing like his picture. His athletic build was a beer belly, he had on rags for clothes and his face was a lot wider. It looked like he hadn't been groomed in days and although he was supposed to be 25, he looked like he was in his late thirties.

I was so disappointed!   .........

I no longer date people who only have one picture of themselves posted. I now make them show me several and ask them if they are recent!

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