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One Woman's Date from Hell:

This happened to me last weekend. It was a guy I liked at the time, but not any more. We had a date for Friday, nothing specific. It was to be our 2nd official date); he asked me out.  At around 7 pm, I received a text message asking "what was up?"   Bottom line, this time-consuming stuff continued for 3 hours and we did not meet up for the date until after 10 pm. 

I was obviously upset by then, and he kept asking me what was wrong.  I knew at this point that I should have just cancelled, but I had spend a week building up to this and wanted to see how things went.  I decided that he was not the greatest planner.

We went to a nearby bar for friendly drinks and maybe some dancing.  When we got there, I worked on persuading a guy to give up his seat at the bar top; the place was packed.  My date took off to the restroom and requested for a drink order while he was away. 

When he came back, he had a girl glued to his arm.......... the biggest confusion yet in my life.

Apparently, she had picked up on him between the time I was persuading the guy to give us seats and ordering drinks for us. I spent the next hour watching this stupid drama. The girl had issues, including a boyfriend who was supposedly cheating on her while she trying to steal my date.  I was completely calm and ladylike for over an hour listening to most of this. They even went dancing while I sat there alone.  I was fuming.

Before long, my date was exchanging text messages, inviting this girl to go to Mexico (without any mention of inviting me), and buying drinks for her. I was humiliated.  I could not believe this even could happen. Right there in front of my face !!!

I decided to leave, and my date certainly had the look of shock.  The obviously drunk girl was begging him to stay and offering him a ride since I was his ride home.  We did leave together but I have decided to never see this guy ever again - at best as a friend only.  He apologized over and over about it, but there is no way I would ever trust him or get past this kind of treatment. 

He tried to justify his actions on the fact that I was talking to another guy when we initially got to the bar for the chairs.  I am simply shocked, horrified, humiliated, disrespected etc etc!!!!!! 

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