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You'll Like Our Games Better, She Said

All names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty!

I notice that most of the stories on this site are from the woman's perspective, but, I too have a date from hell story.

I met "Erica" at a party thrown by friends. We had a great time talking and dancing for a couple of hours, and, we ended up exchanging phone numbers.

I spoke to my friends after the party, trying to find out about her. They didn't know who I was talking about, but, there HAD been about a hundred people or so there, so, it wasn't surprising that they might not remember everyone. "Tom," my friend's husband, he "sort of remembers a red- headed girl arriving with some others from the office.''

A couple of days later, I called "Erica". She seemed pleased to hear from me. We chatted and ended up making plans to meet for dinner and a show later in the week. I offered to pick her up at her apartment, but, she said she didn't live too far from the restaurant where we were going to meet, so, she'd just meet me there after work.

I arrived at the restaurant first, and, was able to be seated right away. "Erica" called my cell and said she was running about five minutes late, but would try to hurry. I thought it was very considerate of her to call, especially since she was only running a few minutes late. Half an hour later, I didn't think she was that considerate.

"Erica" arrived at the restaurant with another couple whom she introduced as "friends from work who wanted to meet you." She apologized for taking so long, saying that traffic had really slowed her down. I mentioned that that was weird, since, the day before she'd told me she only lived five minutes away from the restaurant on foot. She laughed and said, "Oh, silly, I live close to this place, but I work pretty far away."

Meantime, the couple laughed with her, and didn't make a move to leave. As the waiter brought two more chairs to the table, "Erica" said, "I hope it's ok if they join us for dinner." What was I supposed to say at that point? Uh--no, I really just wanted to get to know you better, and, having these people around just makes it harder?

Surprisingly, the dinner went fairly well, "Erica's" friends were pretty funny, and we laughed a lot. Once the dinner was over, I said, "Well, it was nice meeting you all, but we should get going if we're going to make it to the theater in time for the show."

"Erica" and her friends got quiet, and started fidgetting a bit. Finally, the woman said, "Oh, I'll ask him, you two cowards."

I was thinking, "Great, now they want to come with us to the theater." I couldn't have been more wrong.

The woman looked at me and continued, "We all really like you, and think you're a great guy. "Erica," myself, and my husband would like to invite you over to our place for some games."

I blinked, then said, "Thanks, but, we've got theater tickets, and I'd hate for them to go to waste. Maybe another time."

"Erica" took my hand and said, "Oh, you'll like our games better than the theater." Then she winked at me.

I was really confused, until they explained that their relationship was more than friendship. "Erica" was their "partner" and they wanted me to join them in "swinging."

I was flabbergasted. I mean, I barely knew "Erica" and here she wanted me not only to sleep with her, but...with her two friends, during our FIRST date!!

I refused, saying I didn't know them well enough to "play" like that. I asked "Erica" if she still wanted to go with me to the theater, but, she said "No, I'm in the mood to 'play', so we'll just call one of our regulars."

I ended up paying for dinner for three, then, going to the theater on my own. I still passed a pretty enjoyable evening, after I gave my extra ticket to a lady standing in line. She was grateful, and nice, and assured me she wasn't a swinger.

Oh, yes, it was a DATE FROM HELL.

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