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The Thong Whisperer

Submitted by a reader:

Through a popular internet dating service, I met "Jack" (not his real name). 

How To Flirt With MenHe works in a popular clothing store that has a separate store for male & female and found in most malls here in Southern California. He is a guy that would wear an orange shirt and has no black shirts in his closet simply because it's boring.  He is very hardworking and in touch with his family (who lives in the East Coast) and very romantic and passionate on the phone and emails.  It seems like he's a very interesting person and I was so intrigued by his personality that I agreed to meet with him in person.  I like guys to be tall (my pet peeve) and "Jack" is not that tall for a guy but yet, I wanted to give him a chance.
It was a very casual date but I still dressed to impress.  When he arrived to pick me up, he even had flowers (how sweet, right?).  While on our way to the restaurant, he all of a sudden became quiet and aloof. So I started a conversation and his reply was, "It didn't look like you in the picture."  That started the end of the night. 

We both tried to be polite and still have a decent meal and evening. I was so clueless that he was judging everything that I am. I was too fat, I was not that pretty, I don't wear a thong. He only dates women who wear thongs!!!

He also didn't like that I wore dark blue. Again, to Mr Fashionista, a dark color = boring!

When he dropped me off at my place, I felt like he'd prefer to kick me out of his truck. Then silly me remembered the flowers at the backseat.  He's reply, "Oh yeah, it's back there," meaning open that side and get it yourself. 
This jerk is about 5 feet 7, white as a ghost, and bald!  Of course he wasn't like that in his picture, too! I am not vying for Miss Universe here but I am not bad looking, and who was he to judge me?
A couple more emails were exchanged between us, but it was more a hate mail than any other. I was so pissed but just the same, life must go on.

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