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Saved by the Taxi Driver!!

I was 17 years old working at a hotel. A Norwegian Pilot was guest at the hotel. Every day he came to have a drink at the bar and chatted. I liked him and he seemed to like me. The staff teased him into taking me on a date (for a drink he said) and I accepted.

I had had gastric flu that week, so I went home and ate a big meal as I knew that this guy drank a lot and I did not want to drink on an empty stomach.

He came for me in a taxi and was stunned when he saw me in my evening dress (this was 1973 we wore long evening dresses in the evening). Anyway we drove to a restaurant where we were to join his friends (the flight crew). All his friends were sitting at a table and there was his usual date waiting for him. All the females were cheap-looking and I felt like a baby.

My guy seemed not bothered with the situation at all, his friends were arguing with him for bringing me. Food came and here I was eating the most exquisite food . At the table I was the only one conversing with the men.

At one point I went to the ladies and I was followed by the other three women who started insulting me. On my way back to the table, a taxi driver offered to take me home. He said this was not the right company for me; my guy would soon be too drunk to miss me.

So I left and the taxi driver took me home and insisted that he gets his fare from the pilot for insulting me by taking me on a "double" date.

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