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Raging Woman Explodes in Public

This is an old story. Before email and iPods, there were Personal Ads.

I answered an ad to a girl who was fine on the phone and had a good write-up.

I had good connection and ask a well-to-do friend to get me two tickets to the King Tut Exhibit at the Met Museum in NYC. It was already sold out. But he got me a couple of tickets.
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I was to meet the girl at the entrance to the exhibit. She was impressed by me getting the tickets. I had my business suit on and was well groomed.

From the very first ninute on, I did not get one word in. She was a politically minded person, and was bashing every guy she dated or knew. Had such negative views and complained about everything.

I am a nice guy and did not get drawn into seeing her views. She did not like that and I could see she was looking for someone to "yes" her and for her to have control over.

I did tell her in a nice manner that being this type of mind was going to get her different points of view, and problems getting people to go along with her ideas. Talk about setting off a firecracker in a crowded room!

She went off like a rocket with everyone looking. Sad, but I said (after she burned out), "I'm being nice to take you to the train station downtown."

(I wanted to throw her under the tracks).

I had my car parked in the garage. I said I have a headache (wonder why).

As she left the car, I said, "I hope you find someone who can speak for himself and not take your crap." I closed the door and drove away.

The next week I answered an ad and met my wife. This coming Nov 20th will be 20 years that we've been together.

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