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Men who flirt with others on their date with you!

How To Flirt With MenI was going out with man who is the same age as myself.  He asked me to meet him at the theatre when I finished my speaking engagement.

I went to the theatre and waited for over 1/2 hr. Then I called his cell phone and could hear him trying to speak over quite a few people in a bar. He asked me to come to the bar instead because there was a surprise birthday party held there as well as a buffet dinner. The street festival was on and streets were blocked for traffic so I had to walk about one and a half miles in heels. I almost turned and went home but persisted until I finally reached the bar.

He was sitting with three women and he pulled up a chair for me beside him. I said hi to him and people came around the table who wanted to meet the woman he had been going out with. He got up and went around the room, systematically talking to each woman there, whispering something in their ear and kissed each one on the hand.

I felt very embarrassed and offended by his actions. When he came back to the table and sat down, I got up, put my coat on, called him an a$$hole and left. I believe that was the worst,or one of the worst dates I have ever been on.

Working with someone you used to date

I have a dating horror story.. Well, for some reason - (don't ask me what I was thinking) I had a mutual work acquaintance. Things were very professional and we often joked around. This soon became more than just work-related - and I have since moved on - since he seems to have some other interests in other women - you know the wandering eye.

Since that time I have ceased all contact with him, he has tried to "find" me in the office and attended mutual meetings - although I have heard that he has started dating another woman.. This woman is very insecure to this situation (is married) and seems to be very concerned with me - so she has been watching me like a hawk..

How can I get all the madness to stop??

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