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The Date From Hell

A Date at McDonald's

All names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty!

He Took Her To McDonald's And Then Said She's A "Tease"

This happened a few months back with a man I'm no longer seeing.

I met him on a Monday morning on a park bench; he asked from my phone digits; I declined and left quietly.

To my surprise, that Friday I bumped into him at a bar. I was with my friends...he introduced himself and asked me if I was sure I didn't want to give him my number!

I'll admit I found this cheeky and cute.

The point is that I gave him my number that night.

The following Tuesday he called me and asked me out for "dinner" that Saturday.

I thought: "Good, a man who doesn't call on the actual day. Good stuff!" - Wrong!

We had agreed, he would pick me up at my apartment, and walk together to a centre (restaurants and movie house..etc..), but it turnt out that Saturday he called me to ask me if I'd mind meeting him there (I did miNd...but I agreed, since, I didn't want to be "too fuzzy"....)

Let me tell you that he took me to McDonalds... took me to a pub (where we played pool....And: HE CHEATED!!!)

And after that, it rained; I decided to call it a night ....(my girlfriends were waiting for me in our usual hangout, and quite honestly I pick me friends over silly men any day!)

As I thanked him for the game of pool and the evening in general he offered to walk me home.

I told him, I really appreciated it but there was no need...(plus he lives pretty far and that public transport is dodgy when it rains, since they don't want wet passangers!)

He insisted... so I thought oh well it's just 4, 6 blocks. I never imagined he would try to kiss me every time we were waiting for a light to change...

He never FORCED anything, but he was so pushy... Finally, when we were both at the door he asked me why I was a tease, he accused me of being provocative,and asked me if I wanted to see him again!!!

I was speechless, since when is a given to any man how the women is going to respond? It's not like I knew he was such a jerk!

I didn't say anything (I was a bit digusted, he seemed so FAKE!) ...was that "I'll walk you!!! ....part of the plan?

Sure it was!!! :(

I said goodnight, put my hand on his shoulder, whispered "thank you," and left quietly.

(I later changed and met my girls, and had this very story to tell, LOL, at least he served as a pathetic little conversational topic, right?)

Never heard from him since!

Oh, yes, this was a DATE FROM HELL.

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