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The Date From Hell

He Turned Out to be Married, Lying, and Cheating

All names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty!

Isn't [dating site] supposed to be one of the better sites that screens for felons or marriage?

Well... I had been conversing heavily on the phone for months with "Mitch" from Victorville, California. We decided he should to take a trip to visit me in New York because we both felt this was it: love.

Our week in the Big Apple was great. Then it was my turn to go visit him California...

The first couple of days were great... but... then we hit the casinos.

"Mitch" turns out to be a married, lying, cheating jerk... gambling and stealing, not at all the same guy I met here.

Well 15 hours later, after losing in the casinos, he agreed to leave. Next day, another casino... bingo... another loss. He became a mean, nasty, hurtful, disgusting, deceitful person.

The true colors do come out.

Even the dating sites that claim they check you out really don't, or at least not completely as they say. Be careful. Sometimes I guess we have to second-guess our situations. It's too bad and very sad.

Oh, yes, this was a DATE FROM HELL.

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