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"All names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty!"

"He Wore Nothing But Black Socks..."

This was a date from hell... because I LITERALLY wanted to knock his socks off.

Literally? Yes, Virginia...

Because there's nothing worse than making love to a man when all he's wearing is his socks.

I'm sorry but it's just true.

He and I met through a dating site.... emailed.... and had one top-secret meeting.

Was there anything sexy about it?

Well, when a man keeps his socks on... you have to wonder.

I know you girls know exactly what I mean. But guys probably don't.

A Letter To Mr. Socks:

You probably think we had a steamy encounter. You probably think I'm lingering over the memory.

But all you had on were your SOCKS...

I mean, you managed to take off everything else, but you wanted your SOCKS still on?

Why? Was that because you didn't trust what was on the carpet at the hotel?

Why? Was that because everything was hot... except for your tootsies?

Why, Mr. Socks? Why?

Because it's the SOCKS I still remember. Yes, the black socks. (SEE? I remember the color.)

There are trysts and there are trysts.

And then there are men who take off their clothes.... all except for the Black Socks....


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