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The Date From Hell

Guess Who's Behind Door Number #1?

All names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty!

A friend of mine decided it was time for me to get back out in the field after I had experienced a pretty bad break up. I hadn't spoken to my ex in three months and I found myself in agreeing with my friend.

Considering the fact that I was still in love with my ex, my friend decided to set me up on a blind date. That way if things didn't work out I would have no obligation to speak to this person anymore.

My friend informed me that she had the right guy in mind and she would give him my phone number. I gave her the okay and decided I would have to talk to him on the phone a few times in order to get to know him.Our phone conversations were absolutely amusing. We would talk for hours but I found it kind of peculiar that we would never talk after 11:00 pm.

Well, after a month of Henry and I talking on the phone, we finally agreed to meet. We met at a local bar and had a few drinks. We walked across the street to sit and have a conversation in front of the waterfalls.

The evening was romantic and interesting. I couldn't wait to see him again. Henry asked if I was enjoying myself. The entire night Henry continued to look at his watch. He made me very nervous. I totally disregarded the fact that he was crunched for time and continued to enjoy myself.

It was almost 9:30 pm when Henry asked me if I would like to go back to his apartment. I agreed. When I walked into his apartment I made myself comfortable in front of the television set.

Henry proceeded to take a shower and I decided to admire the artwork on the walls and looked around the apartment. I walked into Henry's bedroom and examined the bedroom set that looked so familar. I walked further into the room and walked up to the dresser that also looked familar. There was a picture of me on his dresser.

At this point I was completely freaking out.

I heard the water from the shower get turned off and I hurried into the living room. Henry got dressed and came back into the living room where I confronted him about the picture. He proceeded to tell me that my friend had given him the picture.

I told him that she never had that particular picture in her possesion and Henry tried to explain. He talked me out of my confusion and popped in a movie. I noticed that Henry's watch was gone. It was almost as if he had lost track of time.

When I mentioned that it was 11:05pm he tried to kick me out of his apartment.

I was extremely aggravated and annoyed at the manner in which he was ending our date and did not hesitate to pick myself up of his couch and proceed to the door.

He apologetically walked me to the door when the doorknob turned. Henry grabbed me and tried to push me in the closet by the kitchen and told me to be quiet. I did not comply and proceeded to head for the door. The door completely opened and I saw a face I didn't expect to see.

My ex-boyfriend was on the other side of the door.

I knew that bedroom set looked familar. Henry and my ex-boyfriend had been friends since the 3rd grade. He was one of the few friends I had not met while he and I were together.

I was extremely embarrassed and I have never seen either of them again.

Oh, yes, this was a DATE FROM HELL.

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