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Date Movie Horrors

All names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty!

Not Only Did She Have A Horrible Date, She Had To Sit Through The Most Disgusting And Disturbing Movie Ever Made

I remember that my worst date ever started out like a dream come true.

I was a junior in college and I had been having coffee with a friend one evening when I met a really cute young guy. It was one of those perfect scenarios - he approached me, I looked great, the conversation was fun. He was handsome and intelligent, a pre-med student.

We really hit it off and laughed a lot. He then walked me home. I felt like I was walking on air. I had been going through a dry spell in dating, so this was just what I needed.

The next evening he telephoned me and asked me to go out that same evening with him. I was busy studying for an exam and was extremely concerned that I wouldn't pass, so I very sweetly told him that I would love to go out with him sometime but that I couldn't that night.

He was upset, but I explained that I was studying for an exam that week. We set a date for the following Saturday night.

I could barely sleep that week, I was so excited. I couldn't wait for my date with the hot young future doctor. I went shopping for a new shirt and spent all week thinking about my outfit.

His house was within walking distance, so I made the mistake of walking there myself on the "date" night. We had made plans to go see a movie. When I showed up to his house, he announced that his friend and his friend's girlfriend would be coming with us. The three of them had been smoking pot for most of the evening and were already stoned.

The friend's girlfriend pretty much ignored me as she continued to prance around the guys' house, drying her hair and putting her clothes on. Added to this, she was drop-dead gorgeous, and was grabbing all the attention.

I was horrified. I didn't know my date very well and was worried about breaking the ice with him, but with two other strangers there I completely froze up for fear of sounding like a idiot.

My date was no help either... he seemed more interested in goofing around with his buddy than in getting to know me. I think he was anxious about his buddy seeing him trying to romance a girl.

The four of us walked to the theatre, and that is when my date announced that we were going to watch "Natural Born Killers."* I didn't want to look like a baby, so I spent the next two hours frozen in my seat with my stoned, loser date who was barely speaking to me.

After those horrific two hours I felt sick and wanted to go home. My date finally said goodbye to his buddy and buddy's aloof girlfriend, and the two of us headed off to the cafe alone.

It was about three hours into our evening now, we had barely spoken to each other and all my confidence and excitement had fizzled.

It was pretty clear when we got to the cafe and he proceeded to ignore me while chatting to everyone else that the night had been a big disaster for both of us.

I think I went home, took my new shirt off, and cried myself to sleep for the next couple of days.

*Editor's note: Oliver Stone made other great films, such as "Wall Street." Thank goodness..

Oh, yes, this was a DATE FROM HELL.

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