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Cheapskate Date!

All names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty!

Here is my terrible date, and might I add, I have never had another like it.

I was invited by a guy to dinner and a movie. When he came to pick me up, he said he wasn't feeling well.

I asked him if he wanted to cancel the date and try it again at another time, but he said he still wanted to go out and all he really needed was to sit down and rest for a while. So that is what we did, right up until it was time to head to the theater to see the movie.

At that time all of a sudden he was well again. We got to the movie theater and when I asked for a small popcorn, he said he wasn't hungry. So no dinner, and no snacks at the movies either.

The movie ended late and so we decided to call it a night. When I told him I was hungry and wanted to stop at a drive-thru, he said "I'm not hungry." I informed him that I was hungry and that I would pay for my meal. Well, then it was OK.

I ended up paying for a 99 cent hamburger. I began to realize he didn't want to pay for any meals whatsoever. Later I thought it over and decided that maybe he wasn't hungry....maybe I was being a bit harsh.

So I decided to give it one more try. He invited me to get an ice cream. When we got to the ice cream parlor he ordered a sundae. When he was done ordering, the attendant asked me what I would like, and my date said "We are going to share mine."

I informed him that the sundae he ordered didn't appeal to me, and that I didn't like some of the items he had chosen. Reluctantly, he said I could get the kind I wanted. Then I realized what a cheapskate he really was.

Needless to say, I never went out with him again.

Now maybe you have heard some really terrible stories, worse than mine, but I must say: Gentlemen, if you ask a woman out to dinner or a movie, or even for an ice cream cone, let her get what she wants and be prepared for it. Enough said.

Oh, yes, this was a DATE FROM HELL.

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