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Blind Dates? Don't Do It!

"All names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty!"

Blind Dates - This one was not very romantic!

About four years ago, a friend decided I should meet a nice guy.

There were several meeting places we discussed, and we decided that the local bar would be okay to meet and that we would go to the movies after.

The next day we had a few drinks, we talked, laughed, and we had an early dinner.

At the end of the meal, he ordered another drink for the two of us. I had no problem with that.

...After the date, how do you know if they're really interested? Here's an excellent rule of thumb: The 24-Hour Rule. Very true!

But he slipped as he tried to get up. I chalked that up to a missed step while trying to get up from sitting in a booth for so long.

Finally, we make it to the movies. This was a very good horror movie, ghoulish and gross from beginning to end.

I hear snoring so I look over, and it is him. "Okay, no harm, no foul; he worked hard today," I said to myself.

A few minutes later he wakes up and makes a mad dash to the bathroom.

One hour later he comes back like nothing is wrong, sits down and says, "I think I need to go home. I wet myself."

Was he ill... or did he want to just get out of the date? What happened??


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