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The Date From Hell: Almost Busted

"All names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty!"

He Almost Kills Her, Then He Gropes Someone Else On Their First Date, Too

"All names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty!"

This was a story from my past. Early college. A large group of us chummed as a "crowd" most of the time and just partied and hung out together. Some paired up as sweethearts but we were mainly a group.

This one fella, "Sid" we'll call him, was the local heartthrob and most women were hoping for him to ask them out. Well, this one night he was partying with us and he asked me out to a concert.

He rented a car that we shared with another couple. The drive to the concert hall was an hour and we had to go through customs to get to the Concert Hall. (Canada to US).

We were given a ticket to pull in to secondary for a further check. (Usually a body and car search) Sid panicked on the way to the building and hollered, "Here everybody take some of these each or we'll be in jail!" and proceeded to hand us some white pills. I was so naive, I did not take drugs, but I trusted him and didn't think he would take anything dangerous, so I think it was three that I took. He wanted me to take more, but I refused.

We passed through customs and continued on our way. We stopped on the way for a "pre-concert" party and then proceed to the hall, which by that time, I was really high and scared silly about what was happening to me - it was Mescaline.

We got to the concert hall and proceeded to our seats. Everything was distorted and I was very paranoid. Sid kept disappearing and wasn't coming back for long periods of time. I went to the bathroom and came back to find that he had a girl beside him in my seat and was being very cozy with her. I promptly excused her from my seat, however, she sat on the other side. Sid did not introduce me to her or vice versa and totally ignored me. Sid left again with this girl and I became concerned that he had left me there.

To my relief I found some friends and stayed with them the remainder of the concert. At the end of the concert, I found him as we were leaving and he made this big scene about how he was looking everywhere for me and he was so concerned for me, etc. My friends bought it and I ended up riding back with him. We all decided to meet at our local hangout for last call. When we got there, to my surprise, there was "the girl" that Sid was basically making out with.

By the time we were ready to leave, it was obvious that these two were making plans and he came over to me and asked if I would be okay if he gave "his good friend" a ride home with us. By this time, I had already "moved on" in my mind and basically told him I didn't care one way or the other and that I was just ready to go home. He asked me out a few times since then but I responded each time with a NO Thank you I am not interested. Needless to say, Mr. Heartthrob got a new nickname from me....Mr. Knob!

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